April 14, 2010

inspiration for my own little nest (some day)....

So Dana from.... MADE ....is one of the hippest/coolest/most creative mommas I have ever seen. She sews most of her own kiddos clothes (lucy & owen... CUTE!)

I have found so many cute things that I want to make on her blog....

Today I can across these amazing barstools.....

(Notice the cuties)

Those are simple bar stools that she found at Ikea and then made oilcloth slipcovers for them that velcro on..... 1. easy to wipe.... 2. removable to get the crumbs out... 3. removable to change colors!

I want to make these BAD BAD BAD!!!!!

Some day when I have my new apartment these will be there :)

Happy Hump Day!


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