April 17, 2010

ok just one more :)


a glimpse of my saturday...

I took senior pictures for Jacy, my best friend Hannah's Cousin today. So FUN!!!

We were not sure that this was going to happen since the rain was awful today, but we say what the heck!

We found some pretty awesome places to photograph too!!!

I am only going to post a couple pics since Jacy has not decided what to use for her graduation announcements and I most certainly do not want to spoil the suprise.

Here you go!


April 14, 2010

inspiration for my own little nest (some day)....

So Dana from.... MADE ....is one of the hippest/coolest/most creative mommas I have ever seen. She sews most of her own kiddos clothes (lucy & owen... CUTE!)

I have found so many cute things that I want to make on her blog....

Today I can across these amazing barstools.....

(Notice the cuties)

Those are simple bar stools that she found at Ikea and then made oilcloth slipcovers for them that velcro on..... 1. easy to wipe.... 2. removable to get the crumbs out... 3. removable to change colors!

I want to make these BAD BAD BAD!!!!!

Some day when I have my new apartment these will be there :)

Happy Hump Day!


April 12, 2010

its been too long....

Man! I was in a blog funk there for a bit.. sorry guys!

What's been going on..... I turned 25 today!!!! Last Friday I went out with 15 of my friends and co-workers (who are also friends) to Tillman's Roadhouse one word... AMAZING! I shared the Chicken Fried Hanger steak.... no words can describe. I give up..... GO NOW!!!!!

P.S. Did I mention that our desert was smores made with homemade maple and coffee marshmallows with a personal fire at the table..... oh man......

Here are pictures to sum it up!

Look at that Decor!!!! You can see a roasting marshmallow in the front...

Back: Betsy, Erin, Rosa, Paige
Front: Lisa, Jill, Me

Kacy, Paige and Betsy

Big Al Mack from Kidd Kraddick in the Morning having the bar sing "happy birthday"

Birthday Cupcake from "Sprinkles"

I am one blessed and lucky girl!


February 18, 2010

tattoo love...

So..... I have no pain tolerance at all. I was 21 getting my ears pierced for the 2nd time and I cried like a baby....when getting my eyebrows threaded i grab tissue to get me through.... if I get a paper cut I am out of commission for the rest of the day....

Needless to say a tattoo will NEVER be in my future (which I know my mom is incredibly grateful for.)

This does not, however, keep me from dreaming what I would get if I were super woman ( a small bird on the top/side of my foot) and drooling over those cute and creative tattoos out there......

beautiful colors!

i REALLY love this.... ALOT

gah so great!

She is GORGEOUS! love her personality. I can not even imagine what all her tats mean!


cupcake love.

Happy Friday! Bring on spprrriinnngg!


February 14, 2010

snow snow snow...

my week in pictures.....

record breaking here in the big D....

above is the view from my office. man im lucky!


And just because i have the CUTEST co-worker EVER......

Happy Valentine's Day and I hope you have a fantastic week!!!!!


February 8, 2010

great read.....

I got "Forfeiting All Sanity" in the mail today! I had posted HERE about this amazing book written by Jennifer. I was her nanny in college and this book is about her raising precious Ashley. I got home today, opened this book and did not set it down until I was done. I am so incredibly blessed to have been (and still be) a part of this amazing family!

Ashley was diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome after Jennifer and her husband David adopted her.

I can only hope to be half the parent these two are. They are the most incredible people ever!

Please read up about Jennifer and the rest of the Taylor Clan HERE

me and ash
Ashley.... I can not wait to see in two weeks at your cheer competition. I love you to the moon and back!


February 3, 2010

List your self Tuesday (ok Wednesday)

Man, I have been MIA for a few days. I apologize!

update, update....

1. lost another 3 pounds this week at WW so that is 8.8 total in 4 weeks.

2. the weather is AWFUL here in Dallas... pretty sure we don't know what the sun looks like and we are going to go into deep depression if it doesn't show its face soon.

3. the Grammys made me fall in love with Lady GaGa. She is crazy, but brilliant.

4. I love when we get new residents at the hospital.... we send them into the "more difficult"
kids rooms, wait for screaming, then go in to save the day. I love being a Child Life Specialist!

5. I admire nurses.... i could NEVER do the things they do. They are HEROS

6. I missed yesterday's List so....

List yourself Tuesday (on wed.)

List all the fads that you embraced while growing up....
1. bangs. The bigger the better!
2. side ponytails
3. New Kids on the Block
4. Jellies
5. t-shirts tied to the side
6. stirrup pants (to go with #5)
8. Hanson (especially Taylor MMM.....bop!)
9. Doc Marten sandals (those suckers were heavy)
10. Denim shirts with Khaki shorts (you know, with tall white socks and platform keds)

Now if I only had pictures from home to upload for a great laugh!

DONT FORGET TO FOLLOW ME! I need more friends :)

Happy Hump Day


**thanks mom for proof reading and letting me know I can't spell. could not have gotten through college english without you :)**

January 30, 2010

best pants EVER....

Raise your hand if you are hard to fit in pants?!

Lord knows I am. I can never find pants that come up high enough over the booty without coming up to my bra in the front. I have a ghetto booty, but am short waisted. Not a good combo! I have looked everywhere for comfortable jeans and trousers and just have such bad luck.

I have always said that I am never going to wear skinny pants because Im short with a booty and thunder thighs and never thought I could pull them off. However, recently my favorite jeans are my skinny "diva" jeans from Old Navy. Typically ON doesn't fit me at all, but these seem just right. I am obsessed.

Because of my skinny jeans, I am in love with the skinny look and have always drooled over my friend Erin's pants so I bought them..... skinny black velvet corduroys from Anthropologie. They are great. I know that buying velvet in January in Texas seems crazy but come on people! they are way cute and were on sale! Tried to find a link, but no luck! (sorry)

Another pair of Erin's pants that I have wanted were her Paperboy khakis from Antro and I tried them on today while shopping for the other pair. I AM IN LOVE. I wanted the grey, and they didn't have them in my size so I am ordering them online.

These are amazing. Just the right amount of stretch, come up high enough in the back without covering my belly button. One thing is that they are too long, but nothing a trip to the tailor won't fix!

YOU NEED THESE. Trust me!!!

Speaking of..... I am in desperate need (ok, want) of these:

Happy last day of January (wow!)


January 29, 2010

Prayers needed...

Please send prayers to my dear high school friend Lauren. She was put in the ICU today with H1N1.

Thank you!


January 28, 2010

love is in the air....

No don't get too excited... It is just that Valentines day is getting near! I am not one to be big in to Valentines day, not because I am single or anything, but really why should one day be any more special than any other day when it comes to love? I say that you should show your love everything in everything you do!

Today a wonderful group from a local high school came to decorate the playroom at work (thats my office. man I am lucky) in valentines attire. There are die cut hearts in ever color EVERYWHERE. Paper chains in reds and pinks and bumble bees on the doors! I love it. Tacky but wonderful. So in the spirit of Valentines here are some of the great valentine crafts I have found....... ENJOY!

I did a version of this one for all my co-workers but it was just the heart and I hand stamped them!

Have a safe and happy weekend and treat everyday as Valentines!!!


January 26, 2010

list yourself Tuesday.....

Hope everyone's week is going well.... Just wanted to update you on how WW is going. I am now up to 5.8 pounds in 4 weeks. Going strong! Feels great.

Now onto the list of the day....

List all the habits you simply can't break.....
1. diet coke
2. showering in the morning (i will not be a functioning member of society if I do not shower in the morning)
3. biggest loser (I watch it religiously)
4. putting everything away in its place when I am done in the morning.
5. facebook (self-explanatory)
6. not letting hamper get full ( if there is enough to make a load, its going in)

I know there are more, but man this is hard. If I think of them... I will edit the post.

Anyone have any crazy habits that you just can not break?! I wanna hear them!

Food for thought....


January 25, 2010

if walls could talk...

So living in this older apartment has me drooling over all its "quirkiness." Some people like that brand new, never been lived in just came out of the box, fresh paint look. I do like that, do not get me wrong, but something about living in a place that that was built before my grandparents were born, has 15 layers of paint, hard wood floors and coziness makes me swoon and dream about everyone that has lived in this place. I think about the fashions this apartment has seen, the music it has heard.... oh daydreaming.....

Well, this weekend was none to exciting so I took on a project on a whim.... uncovering the pull on the cabinet in the hallway. It was quite the task. Please note the before....

I then used an exacto knife to score away the pull from the front of the cabinet and the bolt from the back of the cabinet. This was more difficult than I thought it would be, but wasn't sure why. I then forced the nail out of the center of the knob which is then when I realized there were about 10 layers of paint on top of this knob (hints the difficulty earlier). I then submerged the knob in a glass full of nail polish remover and let it sit over night. When I woke up, the paint (the 5 shades of white, the red, the tans, and lastly the green) easily peeled off the knob revealing.....

What a beauty! This thing hasn't seen light in 50 years!

speaking of light. Casey was laying in it yesterday and had to snap pics of that!

***please note the crystal doorknob. drooling.***

Happy Monday!!!


January 22, 2010

Subway art...

Happy Friday!!!

Wow, I never thought today would come. I love my job but value my weekends. However, I have nothing exciting planned at all for this weekend in particular... hair cut/color, eyebrow threading, find new tennis shoes (asics i think. opinions?). You know, the usual catch up weekend!

I wish I were crafting this weekend. It's my fav. However, all my craft supplies are temporarily in storage so I have to live vicariously through other's projects. I have been saving a few for when I get my stuff back.

For example..... THIS amazing sign by Lil Boo Resolutions

Check her out! She has such amazing projects and ideas! Get crafty people!!!

What would my sign say?....

always smile
be in the
act silly
help others
live the life
you love

What would yours say?!

Have a fantabulous weekend.