January 28, 2010

love is in the air....

No don't get too excited... It is just that Valentines day is getting near! I am not one to be big in to Valentines day, not because I am single or anything, but really why should one day be any more special than any other day when it comes to love? I say that you should show your love everything in everything you do!

Today a wonderful group from a local high school came to decorate the playroom at work (thats my office. man I am lucky) in valentines attire. There are die cut hearts in ever color EVERYWHERE. Paper chains in reds and pinks and bumble bees on the doors! I love it. Tacky but wonderful. So in the spirit of Valentines here are some of the great valentine crafts I have found....... ENJOY!

I did a version of this one for all my co-workers but it was just the heart and I hand stamped them!

Have a safe and happy weekend and treat everyday as Valentines!!!



  1. I agree that every day should be filled with love :) Hummm makes me wonder what the hubby has up his sleeve.....I'll just be grateful that he does the dishes :) Thanks for linking!

  2. The lovebird sandwhich made me smile.