January 25, 2010

if walls could talk...

So living in this older apartment has me drooling over all its "quirkiness." Some people like that brand new, never been lived in just came out of the box, fresh paint look. I do like that, do not get me wrong, but something about living in a place that that was built before my grandparents were born, has 15 layers of paint, hard wood floors and coziness makes me swoon and dream about everyone that has lived in this place. I think about the fashions this apartment has seen, the music it has heard.... oh daydreaming.....

Well, this weekend was none to exciting so I took on a project on a whim.... uncovering the pull on the cabinet in the hallway. It was quite the task. Please note the before....

I then used an exacto knife to score away the pull from the front of the cabinet and the bolt from the back of the cabinet. This was more difficult than I thought it would be, but wasn't sure why. I then forced the nail out of the center of the knob which is then when I realized there were about 10 layers of paint on top of this knob (hints the difficulty earlier). I then submerged the knob in a glass full of nail polish remover and let it sit over night. When I woke up, the paint (the 5 shades of white, the red, the tans, and lastly the green) easily peeled off the knob revealing.....

What a beauty! This thing hasn't seen light in 50 years!

speaking of light. Casey was laying in it yesterday and had to snap pics of that!

***please note the crystal doorknob. drooling.***

Happy Monday!!!



  1. What a fun post! Thank you for letting me see my Dallas apartment! I'm excited to see the pull in the hallway. I've never seen it look that way. I hope you are enjoying the apartment. I love all of it's character too! Oh and by the way, Matt said that place was built in the '30s for nurses to live in. Fun, huh?!

  2. I really need to make the knobs match! Built for nurses?! Parkland or what?! How cool! Google time.

  3. cool knob. i live in a house from the fifties and it has lots of neat things from the wood floors to the old paint chips here in there.