January 12, 2010

List Yourself Tuesday.....

On a recent trip to Barnes & Noble my best friend, Hannah, and I came across a little book title "List Your Self: List Making as the Way to Self-Discovery." It of course struck my fancy seeing as how I am a perpetual list maker... what I need to do this minute/hour/day/week/month, groceries, clothes to pack, people to call..... you name it, I have a list. Because of this, I thought that this would be easy peasy for me. So not the case. I opened the book once, and immediately shut it.

What is it about self-discovery that is so hard? It is so easy to tell other people how they are or how they should be, but as for ourselves we quiver and shy away from it. With this I introduce you to:

***List Yourself Tuesday***

Every Tuesday I will post one of the headers from the book followed by my list and I challenge you to join me on this journey to self discovery. Don't worry.... these really are not that hard and you may even find it interesting! Please comment with all the new things you learn about yourself!

Here we go......

List those possessions you are proudest of:

-High School and College diplomas
-My Child Life Certification
-Texas Tech class ring
-Car (paid off and well taken care of... 7 years old!)
-My body (sounds weird but I worked hard for where I am and continue to do so)
-Tote bag collection
-Great- Grandma's opal and diamond ring (she left it to me when I was 3)
-MacBook Pro (saved hard for both these)
-Friends (not possessions but I sure am proud of each one)

What about you?!




  1. I want to go get this book now!! I love lists!!

  2. i want this book too!
    my favorite possessions....this is a hard one.
    1. card given to me from my friend after she died.
    2. butter churn from my gma
    3. sonnier drinking glasses...my grandma made sure i got them after she died.
    4. camera
    6. baby box
    7. laptop
    8. handmade vase, i sculpted from scratch.
    keep 'em coming andrea!!