January 30, 2010

best pants EVER....

Raise your hand if you are hard to fit in pants?!

Lord knows I am. I can never find pants that come up high enough over the booty without coming up to my bra in the front. I have a ghetto booty, but am short waisted. Not a good combo! I have looked everywhere for comfortable jeans and trousers and just have such bad luck.

I have always said that I am never going to wear skinny pants because Im short with a booty and thunder thighs and never thought I could pull them off. However, recently my favorite jeans are my skinny "diva" jeans from Old Navy. Typically ON doesn't fit me at all, but these seem just right. I am obsessed.

Because of my skinny jeans, I am in love with the skinny look and have always drooled over my friend Erin's pants so I bought them..... skinny black velvet corduroys from Anthropologie. They are great. I know that buying velvet in January in Texas seems crazy but come on people! they are way cute and were on sale! Tried to find a link, but no luck! (sorry)

Another pair of Erin's pants that I have wanted were her Paperboy khakis from Antro and I tried them on today while shopping for the other pair. I AM IN LOVE. I wanted the grey, and they didn't have them in my size so I am ordering them online.

These are amazing. Just the right amount of stretch, come up high enough in the back without covering my belly button. One thing is that they are too long, but nothing a trip to the tailor won't fix!

YOU NEED THESE. Trust me!!!

Speaking of..... I am in desperate need (ok, want) of these:

Happy last day of January (wow!)



  1. I went to Anthro and actually bought a pair of black cords on sale. I dunno if the same as yours and Erin's but I like mine! I also tried on those Khakis that you love, they're not so cute on me :( Oh well, at least I have my black cords. I dunno if they're too tight for me to wear to work though. I'll have to get you to give me ur opinion.

  2. love all of the above. :)