January 7, 2010

and i ask you my friends.....

I am.....

Cold down to the bone. I do live in Texas, correct?

I didn't go into work until 9ish this morning due to the fact that every which way for me to get to work was covered in ice and wrecks. Thought that it would be best to sleep in a wait until both were clear.

This afternoon, Erin and I unloaded a load of my stuff at Cara's apartment (my new joint!) I have come to realize that I have entirely WAY too many tote bags (I feel I will have to dedicate a whole post to that obsession later). I was able to pack all my bathroom and kitchen stuff into my bags and will now use them for clothes. Gah! I do love them.

So again I ask... How are you?



  1. Yay! I'm glad you're moving in. I talked to both Matt (the landlord) and my mom today. Matt likes you :) So that's a good thing. He's sort of scatter-brained but you won't have to deal with him too much. Mom did get the mail today but left the key, so the mail is up to you now. If you don't mind, make a stack of my mail and my mom can pick it up some time.

    I hope there is enough room for your stuff. If you need more of my stuff moved out, I can call my mom. Enjoy the apartment!

  2. Are you now staying at the apt? Let me know when you want to get rid of some leftovers. :-)

    Cara... call to talk to me next time!!!!