January 6, 2010


So.... I love my new iTouch, I'm talking, it must be in my sight/hand at all times or i feel naked. I listen to my music, read my books, check emails, track my WW points, have all my membership cards for scanning, and endless amounts of other things on it. I have no idea how I ever survived without it in my life!

However, today my addiction has reached a new level. It is my pleasure to introduce you to.....

Words with Friends!!!

Pay attention people.... this is serious! If you have an iTouch or an iPhone you can play Scrabble with other people that have them too! And the best part.... this app is FREE! You just can not beat that.... at this moment I have 3 games going with co-workers, its my turn and I have V,L,R,T,H,A,S. Thoughts?

If you have it/get it and want to play leave a comment and we will compete. :)

On another note, I re-joined WW last night and we are on our way to completing #1 of the "to do" list. I also bought new tires today (refer to yesterday's post) and even made it to the Gym!

Happy Hump Day!


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