January 2, 2010

Life is like a bicycle...

Good words of wisdom (and a CUTE print too!)

Yesterday's baking adventures were success! We planned to make a Chocolate Ice Box and Chess and baked Cherry Pies. We started with making the pie crusts from start from a recipe from the Peach Tree Cafe cookbook I received for Christmas. This was quite the task... cutting butter into flour, fluting edges, etc.... We made two batches, however one turned out drier than the other... its my first try, edible is all i was shooting for! First was the Chocolate Pie with hand whipped whipped cream. Next was the Chess pie which we are still not sure if we didn't cook it long enough or it just didn't turn out (regardless it was eaten and tasted fine) and lastly was the baked cherry pies just for Dad! Mmmm....

And I got to spend some good old fashioned time with Mom in the Kitchen!

Well it is my last night home in Kingwood before going back to Dallas which means back to reality and my 2010 "to do" list. Tonight, my Texas Tech Red Raiders play in the Alamo Bowl and despite the ridiculousness that was this past week I still love them (but will miss Coach Leach.) Stay on your bicycle that is life Tech and Wreck 'Em!



  1. love it! I want that print! Also, I want some of those pies!! YUMMY!!!

  2. Is your Peach Tree Cafe cook book by chance the same as the cafe in Fredericksburg???

  3. Why yes it is! LOVE that place! and miss you!