January 26, 2010

list yourself Tuesday.....

Hope everyone's week is going well.... Just wanted to update you on how WW is going. I am now up to 5.8 pounds in 4 weeks. Going strong! Feels great.

Now onto the list of the day....

List all the habits you simply can't break.....
1. diet coke
2. showering in the morning (i will not be a functioning member of society if I do not shower in the morning)
3. biggest loser (I watch it religiously)
4. putting everything away in its place when I am done in the morning.
5. facebook (self-explanatory)
6. not letting hamper get full ( if there is enough to make a load, its going in)

I know there are more, but man this is hard. If I think of them... I will edit the post.

Anyone have any crazy habits that you just can not break?! I wanna hear them!

Food for thought....



  1. Hi Andrea!! I love your blog! It is so creative and I love the recipes. I want to make the apple/oatmeal dish! I hope you are doing good- I am in your area alot because my sister lives over there. It is so pretty. You are inspiring me to write more in my blog...it is so blah. I never write! Just wanted to say hi!!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss. I am working on that now too! Habits I can't break? Diet Pepsi! Also shopping and Starbucks but I'm unemployed right now so I have no choice but to cut down on both. It's probably a good thing!