January 1, 2010

blogs, birds and baking.....

I have been a die-hard blog stalker for quite sometime. By stalker, i mean there are about 10 blogs I check daily, then there are the hundred or so that I will check weekly. (and you all just thought that I was creative and knew all about neat things all on my own...nope.) Since this is the case, I have and will continue to add some of my favorites to the "blogs i love" section for y'all to enjoy (stalk) as well! They include everything from photography, baking, cooking, designing, creating and who knows what else! Also just because birds is an obsession of mine that will never go away here are the CUTEST bird tags from Creature Comforts:

Now off to enjoy first baking lesson of the year from mom... how to make homemade pie crust! Chess and Chocolate pie coming right up.....now where's that apron....


1 comment:

  1. I love creature comforts too! Those bird tags are so cute!

    Happy New Year!