January 22, 2010

Subway art...

Happy Friday!!!

Wow, I never thought today would come. I love my job but value my weekends. However, I have nothing exciting planned at all for this weekend in particular... hair cut/color, eyebrow threading, find new tennis shoes (asics i think. opinions?). You know, the usual catch up weekend!

I wish I were crafting this weekend. It's my fav. However, all my craft supplies are temporarily in storage so I have to live vicariously through other's projects. I have been saving a few for when I get my stuff back.

For example..... THIS amazing sign by Lil Boo Resolutions

Check her out! She has such amazing projects and ideas! Get crafty people!!!

What would my sign say?....

always smile
be in the
act silly
help others
live the life
you love

What would yours say?!

Have a fantabulous weekend.



  1. Are you going to see my Tom?! If so, please tell him I said hi and I'll be seeing him when I breeze through Dallas in a month! Oh and my scrapbook "bag of crap" is in the living room closet. It hasn't been touched in ages. Have at it!

  2. Those are awesome resolutions....I wish I had more room to add some to my sign! Thanks for linking! Have a great weekend!

  3. This is a cool blog! I like it! My sign would say... hmm. Be Honest, Laugh ALL THE TIME, and Help Others Study for their Midterms. :)