January 19, 2010

List yourself Tuesday.....

So last week I started "List Yourself Tuesday" (see here) and it is time for the second list! I found it ironic when I stopped on this page, because I was just talking with my friend Jessica about how I am such a set routine in the morning.......

List all the steps you take in the morning between turning off your alarm and stepping out the door:

Yes, these are in exact order....

1. turn on shower
2. turn on TV to channel 4 news
3. get in shower
4. shampoo
5. conditioner
6. brush teeth (yes, in the shower, while the conditioner does it's thing!)
7. wash body
8. shave legs
9. wash face
10. get out and put pjs back on
11. sit on couch, watch news while checking email, etc.
12. lotion
13. untangle nest that is my hair
14. blow dry hair
15. plug in straightener to let heat up
16. feed cat
17. straighten hair
18. put all hair tools away in cabinet
19. put on makeup (which has its own routine... wont even go there right now)
20. deoderant
21. put on clothes (always picked out the night before)
22. put on perfume
23. make bed
24. make breakfast
25. gather purse, phone, ipod, workout clothes
26. grab lunch box (lunch is also packed the night before)
27. turn off lights and air/heat
28. lock up!

Good lordy.... nearly 30 steps!!!

and... i RARELY stray away from this order. OCD much?!

What about yall.... what are your steps?!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy Hannah!!!!!!!!! Lulu



  1. on it. I'm making my list right now. I am pretty sure my list is like 10 things, maybe. : ) What time do you get up in the morning?!

  2. I have to be out the door by 7:50 and I am usually awake around 6:45. Gotta pack it all in!!!

  3. Wow haha I get out of bed after hitting snooze several times, turn on straightener, get clothes out and put them on, do makeup while straightener is heating up, straighten hair, make bed, grab everything and go... usually takes about 20 minutes. :) Thanks for the b-day wishes! Lulu back!