January 15, 2010

Southern girl reunion....

In the summer of 2005 between by sophomore and junior year at Texas Tech I moved to New York City to take a "galleries and museums" class at NYU and to just get away, on my own. My mom and I packed 2 suitcases each and this southern belle moved to the big city in the north. I did not know what I was getting myself into. I was going to be here not knowing anyone and I was scared to death. After my mom left, I explored the city for a couple days alone before the class started.

The following Monday I found my way to class and thought I would be the only girl not from around there. Five minutes later we were all introducing ourselves and telling where we were from. I was astonished to find that out 0f about 15 students, everyone was there for the summer only except for about 3. Out of these girls I met two, that would be my confidants for the summer. Christanne (Christy) Gracey was from Fort Worth, Texas and attended UT in Austin, and Jessica Reeves, a Georgia peach from Macon. We were inseparable until it was time to leave.

Since then, Christy and I have remained really good friend since we live close. I spend all last summer with her! Jessica, on the other hand, I havent seen since that summer almost 5 years ago. However, she is in town this weekend! I can not wait for us to reunite. The three of us are going to eat Sushi together tonight and then hang out tomorrow. So excited.

Here are a couple pictures from that summer....

Jessica, Jillian, Me and Christy at Yankee Stadium

Caroline, Christy, me and Jessica going to see "Steel Magnolias" on Broadway

I will post updated pics of us 4 years older when I get them!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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