February 3, 2010

List your self Tuesday (ok Wednesday)

Man, I have been MIA for a few days. I apologize!

update, update....

1. lost another 3 pounds this week at WW so that is 8.8 total in 4 weeks.

2. the weather is AWFUL here in Dallas... pretty sure we don't know what the sun looks like and we are going to go into deep depression if it doesn't show its face soon.

3. the Grammys made me fall in love with Lady GaGa. She is crazy, but brilliant.

4. I love when we get new residents at the hospital.... we send them into the "more difficult"
kids rooms, wait for screaming, then go in to save the day. I love being a Child Life Specialist!

5. I admire nurses.... i could NEVER do the things they do. They are HEROS

6. I missed yesterday's List so....

List yourself Tuesday (on wed.)

List all the fads that you embraced while growing up....
1. bangs. The bigger the better!
2. side ponytails
3. New Kids on the Block
4. Jellies
5. t-shirts tied to the side
6. stirrup pants (to go with #5)
8. Hanson (especially Taylor MMM.....bop!)
9. Doc Marten sandals (those suckers were heavy)
10. Denim shirts with Khaki shorts (you know, with tall white socks and platform keds)

Now if I only had pictures from home to upload for a great laugh!

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Happy Hump Day


**thanks mom for proof reading and letting me know I can't spell. could not have gotten through college english without you :)**

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