February 18, 2010

tattoo love...

So..... I have no pain tolerance at all. I was 21 getting my ears pierced for the 2nd time and I cried like a baby....when getting my eyebrows threaded i grab tissue to get me through.... if I get a paper cut I am out of commission for the rest of the day....

Needless to say a tattoo will NEVER be in my future (which I know my mom is incredibly grateful for.)

This does not, however, keep me from dreaming what I would get if I were super woman ( a small bird on the top/side of my foot) and drooling over those cute and creative tattoos out there......

beautiful colors!

i REALLY love this.... ALOT

gah so great!

She is GORGEOUS! love her personality. I can not even imagine what all her tats mean!


cupcake love.

Happy Friday! Bring on spprrriinnngg!


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