April 17, 2010

ok just one more :)


a glimpse of my saturday...

I took senior pictures for Jacy, my best friend Hannah's Cousin today. So FUN!!!

We were not sure that this was going to happen since the rain was awful today, but we say what the heck!

We found some pretty awesome places to photograph too!!!

I am only going to post a couple pics since Jacy has not decided what to use for her graduation announcements and I most certainly do not want to spoil the suprise.

Here you go!


April 14, 2010

inspiration for my own little nest (some day)....

So Dana from.... MADE ....is one of the hippest/coolest/most creative mommas I have ever seen. She sews most of her own kiddos clothes (lucy & owen... CUTE!)

I have found so many cute things that I want to make on her blog....

Today I can across these amazing barstools.....

(Notice the cuties)

Those are simple bar stools that she found at Ikea and then made oilcloth slipcovers for them that velcro on..... 1. easy to wipe.... 2. removable to get the crumbs out... 3. removable to change colors!

I want to make these BAD BAD BAD!!!!!

Some day when I have my new apartment these will be there :)

Happy Hump Day!


April 12, 2010

its been too long....

Man! I was in a blog funk there for a bit.. sorry guys!

What's been going on..... I turned 25 today!!!! Last Friday I went out with 15 of my friends and co-workers (who are also friends) to Tillman's Roadhouse one word... AMAZING! I shared the Chicken Fried Hanger steak.... no words can describe. I give up..... GO NOW!!!!!

P.S. Did I mention that our desert was smores made with homemade maple and coffee marshmallows with a personal fire at the table..... oh man......

Here are pictures to sum it up!

Look at that Decor!!!! You can see a roasting marshmallow in the front...

Back: Betsy, Erin, Rosa, Paige
Front: Lisa, Jill, Me

Kacy, Paige and Betsy

Big Al Mack from Kidd Kraddick in the Morning having the bar sing "happy birthday"

Birthday Cupcake from "Sprinkles"

I am one blessed and lucky girl!


February 18, 2010

tattoo love...

So..... I have no pain tolerance at all. I was 21 getting my ears pierced for the 2nd time and I cried like a baby....when getting my eyebrows threaded i grab tissue to get me through.... if I get a paper cut I am out of commission for the rest of the day....

Needless to say a tattoo will NEVER be in my future (which I know my mom is incredibly grateful for.)

This does not, however, keep me from dreaming what I would get if I were super woman ( a small bird on the top/side of my foot) and drooling over those cute and creative tattoos out there......

beautiful colors!

i REALLY love this.... ALOT

gah so great!

She is GORGEOUS! love her personality. I can not even imagine what all her tats mean!


cupcake love.

Happy Friday! Bring on spprrriinnngg!


February 14, 2010

snow snow snow...

my week in pictures.....

record breaking here in the big D....

above is the view from my office. man im lucky!


And just because i have the CUTEST co-worker EVER......

Happy Valentine's Day and I hope you have a fantastic week!!!!!


February 8, 2010

great read.....

I got "Forfeiting All Sanity" in the mail today! I had posted HERE about this amazing book written by Jennifer. I was her nanny in college and this book is about her raising precious Ashley. I got home today, opened this book and did not set it down until I was done. I am so incredibly blessed to have been (and still be) a part of this amazing family!

Ashley was diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome after Jennifer and her husband David adopted her.

I can only hope to be half the parent these two are. They are the most incredible people ever!

Please read up about Jennifer and the rest of the Taylor Clan HERE

me and ash
Ashley.... I can not wait to see in two weeks at your cheer competition. I love you to the moon and back!